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About bnbg.net

What started out as a moderate interest in baby name data and statistics has transformed into healthy fascination with the subject.

I am not sure which aspect of baby name data I like most. Of course, there is the whole concept of a name and the level with which we associate a particular person with a particular string of letters. Then there is the mathematical part of it with millions of names given out each year and all the trends and patterns the names have to share. Oh, but what about the psychology contained in all of those trends and patterns . . . . what must be going through the minds of all those millions of people as they name their babies. And then there are the major external influences of movie stars and musicians and political figures that can abruptly alter the popularity trends of a name.

Anyway, I want to explore all those fascinating topics on this site. More importantly, I want this site to become a tool to help other people explore and have fun with baby names.


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